Yalandemi Değil: Hakla Batılın Savaşı

Aklı fikri olan insan nerede yaşarsa yaşasın, hangi dile dine ırka mensup olursa olsun hakikatı görüyor.
Sadece ben demiyorum. Yalandemi saçmalığı başladığından beri yaşadığımız şey, Hakk’a karşı, Yaratıcımız Allah Teâlâ’ya ve yarattığı düzeni, canlıları, fıtratı bozmaya yönelik bir SAVAŞtır.
Herkes tarafını seçecek. Rabbimizin mi yanındasınız, şeytanın emrindeki küresel patronların mı?
Herkes tarafını seçecek ve ona göre davranacak. Ben Müslim’im deyip, gidip aşısını olmayacak mesela. Ben Müslim’im deyip propagandalara kanıp, çoğunluğun peşine takılıp gitmeyecek.
Cahiller ve sapkınların ise tarafı zaten belli.
The Stern Method’dan Ryan Sternagel:
“There’s a war on right now.
It’s bigger than country vs. country…
bigger than our country being taken down from within under the guise of germ safety…
It’s a war on God, and His Creation itself.
And the other side is trying to flip as many people as it can without them even realizing what they’re supporting.
We’ve been told for years that the sun, the ultimate source of all biological life on this planet, is highly dangerous and we must shield ourselves from it at all times…
and more recently that we need to block it out of the sky all together.
(I remember that LITERALLY being a Simpson’s episode back in the day where the evil billionaire was behind it… sound familiar?)
We’re told we need to suck out the lifeblood of the earth for energy, just like a leach…
and that nothing has been invented that would be more in harmony with nature.
We’re told it’s wrong to call a mother a mother… that “birthing individual” (or something like that) is more appropriate.
The earth has been filled so much with man made frequencies, that its own natural frequency that we’re all tuned to, The Schumann Resonance, can scarcely be found.
Instead of looking up at the stars in awe and wonder, now we’re told we’ll look up and wonder what’s a star and what’s one of the tens of thousands of satellites beaming down (the wrong kind of) radiation on us…
And making their best attempt to watch our every move… to see like God can see.
We’re told to be scared of germs and kill them rather than live in harmony with them as the intricate part of nature they are.”

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